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Our mission is to produce safe and effective
flood prevention solutions that are suitable for
the environments in which we work, live and play.


We're natural problem solvers.  It's just our nature and it is what we do best. So, when we experienced heavy rains that put our home and property at risk for potential water damage, we searched for a flood prevention solution that diverts and controls water, is fast and easy to use, and is eco-friendly.


Our options were to either use traditional sand bags, which are labor intensive, messy and hard to dispose of, or to use other competitive products which leave toxic chemicals and gels behind.  In addition, most of these products didn't work! It was obvious that there was a need for a better flood prevention solution. 

From the onset, our goal has been to develop products that are tough on flood waters but easy on the environment.  During our spare time, we enjoy the outdoors.  Whether its hiking, fishing, or camping, the outdoors is our happy place.  We are committed to doing our best to preserve our natural playground.

We hope you love Floodworx products as much as we do.  Stay safe, dry and water damage free!

River Scene


"If the world's biggest problems are really going to be solved, it will be by businesses that create innovation. Flood protection, like many other industries, is in need of creative innovation and I'm happy to bring a fresh perspective to the table."

Devra Elze

Founder | CEO

Devra Elze - Floodworx CEO
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