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Floodworx flood barrier at base of garage door
Five star review from customer

Easy to use. Works great!

Five-star review from customer

Works well. Tough & sturdy!

Five-star review from customer

Quick install when time is short.

Flood protection that works.

Person filling Floodworx flood barrier fast and easy with a standard garden hose

Fast, easy & no mess!

Use a standard garden hose to quickly and easily fill barriers with water. Ready for action within minutes. No sand, gels or chemicals left behind.

Three Floodworx flood barriers joined together to create one seamless barrier to protect against oncoming water

Flexible sizing

Link barriers together for flexible sizing. Add or remove barriers as needed.

Floodworx flood barriers are reusable


After use, easily drain water from barriers into your garden, wipe dry and compactly store away for future use.

Hand holding dirt with a green plant stem sprouting from dirt as Floodworx flood barriers are eco-friendly


Barriers use only water – No sand, gels or chemical mess left behind. 

Floodworx flood barrier (4-Pack)
Floodworx flood barrier stopping oncoming water
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