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Protect your property with reusable flood barriers that can be filled with water to contain, control and divert flood water. Link barriers together to create a single layer of protection to meet your sizing needs. Built-in brake helps to stabilize the barrier and prevent it from rolling out of place. Fast, easy and no mess!

4 Ft. Flood Barrier (4-Pack)

SKU: FW486-004
Only 7 left in stock
    • Fast & Easy - Just add water! Use a standard garden hose to easily fill barriers with water. Ready for action in minutes. After use, drain barriers, wipe dry and store away for future use.
    • Strong & Durable - We use the highest quality materials to stand up to tough waters.
    • No Mess - Just add water! No sand, gels or chemicals.
    • Link Together - Barriers can be joined together to  for extended protection. Add or remove barriers as needed.
    • Stays in Place - Each barrier is designed with a dual chamber, or brake, that when filled with water, stabilizes the barrier and prevents it from rolling out of place.
    • Reusable - When no longer needed, barriers can be drained and compactly stored away for future use.
    • Eco-Friendly - Since barriers use only water, there is no sand, gel or chemicals left behind!
    • Excellent Customer Service - We've got your back! Contact us with questions, comments and feedback anytime!
Graphic of Floodworx flood barrier with labels for each part/feature of the barrier. Labels identify the Valve, Barrier, Sleeve, Sleeve Hole and Brake.
Dimensions of a Floodworx flood barrier (single barrier and two barriers interlocked).

The dimension length indicated reflects the length of the filled barrier(s). The length does not reflect the sleeve. When linking barriers, the sleeve slips over the end of the adjacent barrier or can be folded in if not used.


Graphic for Divert & Control Water

Divert &

Control Water

Graphic for Prevent Water Damage


Water Damage

Graphic for Protect Your Property


Your Property

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