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Floodworx flood barriers at base of garage door

Flood protection that works.

Floodworx Flood Barriers are the ultimate solution for protecting your home and property from flooding. With their innovative design and user-friendly features, Floodworx barriers offer unparalleled convenience, flexibility and reliability.


Best Sellers

The Floodworx Advantage

Fast, Easy & No Mess

Easy & Fast Set Up

When time is of the essence, Floodworx barriers are easy to set up and can be ready for action in minutes! Simply use a standard garden hose to fill barriers with water.

Each Floodworx flood barrier is designed with a brake that stabilizes the barrier and prevents it from rolling out of place.

Stays in Place

Each flood barrier is designed with a dual chamber, or brake, that, when filled with water, stabilizes the barrier and prevents it from rolling out of place.

Floodworx flood barriers are made with the highest quality materials to stand up to tough waters.

Strong & Durable

We don't compromise on the strength of our barriers. Floodworx barriers are made with the highest quality materials to stand up to tough waters.

Floodworx Flood Barriers are reusable.

Reusable &
Compact Storage

After use, Floodworx barriers can be easily drained and compactly stored, saving valuable space in your home or storage area. This ensures that they are readily available for future use. 

Floodworx Flood Barriers can be linked together for extended protection. Add or remove barriers as needed.

Modular Design

Link multiple barriers together, creating an extended and seamless barrier that allows for flexibility in flood defense. Add as many barriers as desired to cover larger areas. Add or remove barriers as needed.

Floodworx produces effective flood solutions suitable for the environment in which we work, live and play.


Unlike traditional flood protection methods that may use sand, gels or chemicals, Floodworx barriers rely soley on water. This means no messy clean-ups and a more environmentally friendly approach to flood defense.

Floodworx in Action

Contain, Control & Divert Water

Just Add Water – Fast, Easy & No Mess!



Kevin C.


Works well, tough and sturdy!

These worked perfectly from blocking water from getting into my garage. The product is very strong and good quality.


Beverlee H.


Highly recommend Floodworx!

These work great. Our front doorstep floods when we get heavy rains. This barrier did a great job at diverting water form our doorstep.  It's great quality and a lot easier than using sandbags. I've tried many other products and nothing seems to work. Very satisfied with this product.


Sarah B.


Worth the price

I've spent a lot of money on other products that don't work and are a one-time use. These work great and are reusable so they are worth the investment.

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